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Anthony Langner
September 8, 2015 | Anthony Langner

Beer Me Bi-Weekly

Welcome to September! This summer has been amazing and certainly one, I’m sure; we all have been able to take advantage of. That being said, the shorter nights, the colder temperatures and fall rains are coming. It’s ok, I’m here for you...  Continue »

Anthony Langner
August 11, 2015 | Anthony Langner

Beer Me Bi-weekly - Pucker-up!

Sours are here to stay! A boom in sours means a boom for your taste buds. This little piece is about the history and their tasting profiles so that next time your out choosing a beer, you know what to look for!  Continue »

Anthony Langner
July 3, 2015 | Anthony Langner

Beer Me Bi-weekly - Hefeweizen or Witbier?

The change in seasons calls for a change in your taste buds! Admit it - you aren't going to be drinking dark chocolate stouts besides the hardcore fan. With the weather as good as it has been, you'll be with friends on a patio looking for some of the best sippers that will be refreshing and thirst-quenching. You have come to the right place.  Continue »

Tim Bradley
June 10, 2015 | Tim Bradley

Wine Wednesday: Champagne and Prosecco

The word Champagne has become synonymous with celebration and is the drink of choice for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements, and any other occasion that can be made better with the satisfactory pop of a cork...  Continue »

Anthony Langner
June 3, 2015 | Anthony Langner

VCBW 2015

The only week in the year that actually matters is upon us! Vancouver Craft Beer Week is full of some amazing events, people and of course, a plethora of beer. With over 12 separate events throughout the week, an awards gala and two days at the PNE Centre Grounds...  Continue »

Anthony Langner
May 17, 2015 | Anthony Langner

The best thing about beer.......

The best thing about beer is not the taste, the aroma, or the appearance. Although those things are incredibly important to the integrity of a beer, they are mostly overlooked by something else way more important. People…the ones who drive the Beer Industry are what really make what it is today.  Continue »

Amanda Schubert
May 11, 2015 | Amanda Schubert

Rosé Revival

“The Rosé Revival” is an annual event which raises funds to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It was a fantastic event featuring Rosé wines from all over the world!  Continue »

John Rozier
August 29, 2014 | John Rozier

True Beer-lievers!

Back again with another blog on one of BottleJockey and my own personal favorites! So with the NFL season approaching I thought this would be a perfect time to shift our beer focus state-side for a week. Today we're going to talk a little about Breakside Brewery out of Portland, Oregon.  Continue »

Felicity Elsted
August 19, 2014 | Felicity Elsted

Mt. Boucherie's Gamay Noir: An Okanagan Gem

The summer months can be a difficult time for lovers of red wines. I often find myself in July and August, shelving the fuller-bodied dark reds in favour of a lighter-bodied varietal when the heat sizzles its way into house and home.  Continue »

John Rozier
August 8, 2014 | John Rozier

True Beer-lievers!

I'm back with a fresh tale about a brewery that a lot of us are familiar with... That's right folks it's that delicious beer with fun-house inspired artwork! "Ladies and Gentlemen" Parallel 49!  Continue »

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