Sip Like a Somm is a subscription to Bottle Jockey’s exclusive wine club and your opportunity to develop your palate in the same way as Sommeliers do.


Every month we send you 8 wines – blind. We cover the bottles for you. You won’t want to know what they are.

These 8 wines are split into 4 ‘Bins’ – a Bin is a red and a white that you taste each week. Or at your leisure I guess.


We’ll provide you with your very own Bottle Jockey // Sip Like a Somm tasting grid. This a guided page that takes you methodically through the steps of blind tasting. Think of it like a self-guided wine map to becoming an expert. 


You’ll also have exclusive access to an ‘Introduction to Tasting like a Sommelier’ led by JOEY Restaurant Group Sommelier Jason Yamasaki.

Jason earned the title ‘Best Sommlier of BC’ in 2015 and has competed for the title of Best Sommelier in Canada. He knows a thing or two about tasting wine.


Finally! You’ll have access to what we call ‘The Final Conclusion’. This is a video recorded by Jason that takes you through the grand reveal of the wine!

Peel off the paper bag at the same time and find out what you are tasting!

How did you do? Did your observations line up? Was it what you thought it was? Did it totally surprise you?

How does Jason suggest to best enjoy this wine? What to cook or eat with it? If you like this, what other styles might you love?

Where does this fit in the wine world? Is this a classic wine? Is it a modern wine? Jason uses many ways to personify wine to really open up your discovery of this fascinating hobby.


Finally finally, as a subscriber, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a virtual tasting with Jason if you like.

The topic? Any wine-related thing you want!


Learn how to ‘Sip Like a Somm’ with Bottle Jockey and the JOEY Restaurant Group.


$220 per month or $55 per ‘Bin’.

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