Anthony Langner
September 8, 2015 | Anthony Langner

Beer Me Bi-Weekly

Welcome to September! This summer has been amazing and certainly one, I’m sure; we all have been able to take advantage of.  That being said, the shorter nights, the colder temperatures and fall rains are coming. It’s ok, I’m here for you and so are all the new beers that will be coming up in the next few months. Fresh hops have been harvested and are maybe even being bottled as we speak. The pumpkin beers have already turned their bright orange head and are increasing in number every week. Today is the day I get you ready to make that trek to your favorite brewery to enjoy those delicious seasonal beers with your new best friend, the growler. 

Growlers have had a mysterious history and no one really knows their orgin but they certainly have had an impact in the way drink beer today. In an article done by Jeff Flowers, he explains the term ‘growlers’ may have come from the reaction of either the bartender or customer. The bartender filling only a pint in the half gallon container, the customer may have ‘growled’ at the fact it should have been more. Either way, the growler has been an ingenious and environmentally conscious way of consuming the beverage we all love.

For the best in tips in maintaining your growlers, the benefits and the orgin of the growler, check out this article.

Growler 101 -

Growlers also come in so many sizes, shapes and colors! Out of all the most practical, funky-looking growlers, this is one is intrigued me the most. A self-pressurized growler out of Portland (of course!) that has its own built in tap! At its price point starting at $129 US, it’s certainly not the cheapest but one I’d certainly like to add to the collection. Ukeg has fine-tuned the growler experience but I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg.










I hope this has helped you in the way of transporting the most valuable beverages in your life to your warmly-lit living room to friends and family over this most exciting month of the year. Until next time, enjoy your September and drink safely my friends!







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