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June 4, 2012 | Spirits, Tastings | Jordan Knott

Let's talk Scotch

Alright, let’s talk Scotch.

First thing you’ll need to know is I am and have always been a lover of whisky. My weakness in particular is Scotch.  Though I believe the disease to be genetic, passed to me by my father, there are other theories to how this sickness can be contracted.  I once heard a man say, “You do what you want to me, as long as the apology includes a bottle of single malt.”  Though not sure I completely agree, I thought it was a good demonstration of the cult like appreciation of Scotch whisky.

I remember my first dram fondly, as it was the moment I first found the new love of my life.

Ever since then I have devoted myself to a lifelong quest to truly understand and appreciate the world of scotch.  So here we go… but first-

There is a stereotypical image in your mind you must shatter, the image of the typical scotch drinker. Imagine for me, if you will, the typical scotch drinker.  Are they… Old?  Snobbish?  Sitting in a red velvet chair whilst a cozy fire crackles in the hearth?  Bollocks I say!  Scotch is hip, it’s happening and even, dare I say it… cool. 

If you’re new to Scotch, start at the bottom.  There’s no point in spending a hundred plus dollars on a bottle of Scotch if your palate is untrained to it.  A decent bottle of blended scotch is a good place to start.  I recommend Johnnie Walker Red Label.  From there move up to the Black Label or simple single malts such Glenlivet 12yr or Glenfiddich 12yr.  Glenfiddich 12yr is my staple scotch just because it’s the best bang for your buck that I have found.

That being said, scotch is about experimentation.  Trying new scotches broadens your knowledge and soon you will be able to pick out the characteristics and styles you like most from the heavy peated malts to the light and floral and everything in between.  Like fine wine, there is a seemingly endless variety.

Feel like spoiling yourself a bit?  The Balvenie Double Wood 12yr is a sure bet.  Matured in both bourbon and sherry casks, it has subtle fruitiness and vanilla notes. 

Never be afraid to try something new.

Stay classy,




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