Felicity Elsted
August 19, 2014 | Felicity Elsted

Mt. Boucherie's Gamay Noir: An Okanagan Gem

    The summer months can be a difficult time for lovers of red wines. I often find myself in July and August, shelving the fuller-bodied dark reds in favour of a lighter-bodied varietal when the heat sizzles its way into house and home. The pursuit of a suitable red that is light and airy, yet simultaneously complex and flavourful is always a tricky process, but I think I've found an answer. After a hard day's work in the sun, or a relaxing day at the beach, stop by BottleJockey to pick up a bottle of Mt. Boucherie's Gamay Noir. This delicious and truly refreshing BC red is like a cool breeze on a sunny day. 

    The Gamay grape (Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, in full) is famous for producing lighter-style red wines. The dark-skinned grape offers aromas and flavours of fresh red fruits and candy, with very subtle tones of dark raspberry and spice. 

    The higher acidity and soft tannins in Mt. Boucherie's Gamay Noir allow for this wine to be paired with a wide variety of foods. It has a lovely soft structure that contains hints of cranberry and strawberry, but there is a whisper of ground black pepper on the finish, which adds complexity to the wine. This allows it to perfectly complement lighter meats, spice, and cold dishes. Try it out slightly chilled with a quinoa salad, grilled spicy sausages, or pizza, and I promise you that it won't disappoint.

     This Okanagan gem is a Sure Bet of ours, and it can be purchased from BottleJockey for only $16.99. Don't let the amazingly affordable price fool you, though -- Mt. Boucherie's Gamay Noir is sunny, fruity, and easy-sipping, and it will surprise and delight you from beginning to end. What more could you want?


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