John Rozier
June 20, 2014 | Beer | John Rozier

True Beer-lievers!

Hey there True Beer-lievers!

My name is John Rozier, and yes I am in fact Bottle Jockey's newest Blogger. Now my role in the store relates mainly to beer, and let me tell you; when I started at the store I thought I knew my beer and knew my craft beer, but HOLD ON NOW! I clearly did not! Let me say this, we are so fortunate to be in the middle of the growth and progression of Craft Beer! There is so much more out there, when in the past we may have sat at a bar or went to a liquor store and looked for something simple and reliable. Maybe a nice lager, or how about a pilsner; you know what no... I'm feeling risky. I'm gonna go for the amber ale. Today the demand is for your double IPA's, your saison bretts, sours and bitters and dunkels oh my! That's right; your everyday beer drinker is now looking for an experience or something new and exciting like you would commonly see in a wine drinker. Our palates and what we enjoy has evolved, now let me introduce you to 3 of the breweries that opened my eyes and opened the door to a new found love for beer. Dageraad, Persephone and Four Winds


Yes yes all three are local I know, and there are a lot more breweries out there to talk about but let me dig into why I chose these three. Dageraad was something new, this one summery day in early June this gentleman entered the store with a gift and a little bit of information about a new Brewery just down the way from us. After he left we sat and enjoyed the gift that he left us, Dageraad's Amber. In one word... delicious! A beautiful Belgian Pale Ale with an exciting aroma and crisp finish. Just as advertised. The Amber's light malty sweetness and a nose of stone fruit are balanced by that delightful finish. Now I'm a man who loves his Belgian beers and this one did not disappoint. Dageraad's Blonde has proved to be a great compliment to its Amber brother. I hope that enticed you as it did me, if you haven't already tried Dageraad then pop in and grab a bomber, or visit their website to see what bars to find Dageraad on tap. 


The next brewery, as advertised... Persephone. An awesome, not so new Brewery representing the community of Gibsons, BC. They promote the slogan "Farm Fresh" now when I hear that I expect to have that be reflected in the flavour of the beer. It's true, they did not disappoint. I have to admit, when I started with Bottle Jockey this was a brewery that I had heard little about before I tried it. Everyone that came in to buy one of their beers raved about how much they enjoyed the beer. That's it, I gotta try it. So I grabbed me a Double IPA, went home and cracked 'er open and..... Mmmm mmm  good! Light in color, with the aroma of citrus, pineapple, grapefruit and peach it tantalized my taste buds with fresh flavor. Indeed, their slogan stands true. Check out our website and see which Persphone brew is for you and trust me, you'll be happy you did. 


Last but not least, Four Winds. In discussion with a few different people over the past few months Four Winds kept coming up in the same few words, "I like what Four Winds is doing." We have a pretty sweet selection so I grabbed a few. Over the next few days I tried them out and I know I've been raving about all of these breweries but I got really excited about what I got from Four Winds Juxtapose. Wow, what flavor! It was my first experience with a Brett and the only word I got to describe Bretts was "it’s got a funk to it." Now that could mean anything! So naturally I jumped in with no expectations and was rewarded for doing so. Unlike any other beer I've tried I got strong hits of tropical fruits! Now I'm at the beach with the flavors of Mango, Pineapple and Melon. Not at all what I was expecting, it was funky and new to my palate and it’s made me excited with the arrival of Four Winds Phaedra! Just arrived instore, so come try a Juxtapose or a Saison and enjoy some of what’s being brewed in the heart of Delta, BC. 


Wow! What a first post! So much to say but it’s only in reflection to the excitement that is building around the Craft Beers coming out of Vancouver, BC in its whole and the entire west coast of the US. So many breweries and so little time to talk about them all, that why I'm going to be talking about a different brewery every few weeks! The next few posts will feature tasting and pairing notes, alongside information and pics of me photo bombing the breweries! Until the next time, I'll see ya at Bottle Jockey in the Craft Beer section




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