John Rozier
August 29, 2014 | John Rozier

True Beer-lievers!

Welcome back true Beer-lievers! 

Back again with another blog on one of BottleJockey and my own personal favorites! So with the NFL season approaching I thought this would be a perfect time to shift our beer focus state-side for a week. Today we're going to talk a little about Breakside Brewery out of Portland, Oregon. 

For those of you who don't know Breakside, I'm sure you do know about the massive Beer movement coming out of Oregon. Similar to BC, the craft beer market is exploding down the West Coast of the US, and the result has been some unreal and delicious Beers. When I first started with Bottle Jockey all I heard about was an amazing beer out of Oregon by the name of Wanderlust. Of course it peaked my interest, I had to try it. I waited in anticipation through my shift for the chance to enjoy this hyped up brew. 

Boom! I'm home and pop goes the top, as I pour this beaut of an IPA I'm greeted with a wonderful aroma of citrus and pineapple. Really? Pineapple I'm thinking, and wow what flavor in that first sip. Immediately after the first sip I understand why there was so much fuss around me trying that beer. I now understood why we had recommended it to so many people. This fresh hopped beer was simply Wander-ful! However I couldn't help but wonder to myself, is it just the Wanderlust that is this delicious or is there more that Breakside has to offer. My question was quickly answered with every beer of theirs that I tried. Pilsner, check. IPA... Mmhmmm. Seasonal Sour... Uh yes please! Golden ale?? Do I need to elaborate? You're probably sensing a trend at this point. Yes they are that good.

My friends, if I leave you with anything today it's this.... If you haven't tried any of the beers that Breakside brewery has to offer, I strongly suggest you pop into our store or visit our online store and grab a frosty brew before they're all gone! 



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