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June 3, 2015 | Beer, Tastings | Anthony Langner

VCBW 2015

The only week of the year that actually matters is upon us! Vancouver Craft Beer Week is full of some amazing events, people and of course, a plethora of beer. With over 12 separate events taking place throughout the week, an awards gala and two days at the PNE Centre Grounds, which include over 400 beers to try. There's little to no reason why you shouldn't be drinking beer at least once this week. Here is a list of all the events going throughout VCBW:

Events Week:

This weekend excites us the most because here, at Bottle Jockey, we know after the hundreds of beers you may have tried, you will be able to find at least one you'll love. This is where we come in. With over 200 types of craft beer, you are much more likely to find the one you've tried or at least, something even better. On top of that, we have many tastings through the month of June including come by Friday June 5th, for a beer tasting from Fuggles & Warlock. 



It is now time for you to explore, indulge, guzzle or sip. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and be responsible! That being said, we leave you this week with a glimpse to some of the exciting events that happened just this past weekend including the Vancouver Beer Magazine Awards Gala. 

Vancouver Magazine International Craft Beer Awards 2015:

Cheers... Anthony


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