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July 28, 2012 | Recipes, Spirits | Jordan Knott

Jordan's Top Secret Summer Cocktail Recipes

I consider myself more or less a purist on the cocktail front, I love the classics.  Old Fashioned’s, Dry Martini’s and Rusty Nail’s are a few of my personal favorites.  And while these cocktails can be enjoyable at any time, a summery and fresh cocktail on a hot summer’s day is just what the doctor ordered.

Now normally I wouldn’t consider anything like this, but for the purposes of “spreading the love” I have decided to share with you a few of my own personal top secret recipes for great summer cocktails.

I love to experiment and try new and different methods and recipes and the following recipe is definitely a bit out of the ordinary.  After reading many an enthusiastic blog about infusing vodkas, I decided to try the one I had been most curious about.  Bacon Infused Vodka.  That’s right, Bacon.

To make this is an involved process requiring a couple days of prep.  First you must dice a pound of bacon fine and fry it up real crispy.  Drain all excess fat and lay cooked bacon out on paper towel.  Pat dry the excess fat still clinging to the bacon with some more paper towel.  Next pour bacon into a large metal mixing bowl and pour in a 40 of the vodka of your choice and let sit, the longer you let sit the more bacony the vodka.  Using cheesecloth, strain the bacon from the infused vodka and into a couple of mason jars.  Freeze overnight, this will cause any remaining fat to freeze and become separated from the vodka making it easy to scoop off the top.

And there you have it.  Bacon Vodka.  Also works very nicely with bourbon.  I forgot to mention that the vodka soaked bacon bits that remain are delicious as well.

Jordan’s Bacon Caesar

Rim glass with celery salt and finely crushed bacon bits and fill with ice.

2 oz Bacon Infused Vodka

1 dash Tabasco Sauce

1 dash Worcestershire

Fill with Clamato and stir. 

Garnish with a slice of crispy bacon, a slice of lime and two spicy pickled green beans.


Caesars are a great drink for a summer brunch, barbeque or beach day.  For those that like a savory cocktail this is the one.

 Next up is my version of the Mojito. 

A little interesting side note, the Mojito is Fidel Castro’s favorite drink.  Cool, huh?

Anyways…  My Mojito differs from the traditional in two ways.  First I do NOT use sugar.  For sweetener I use Triple Sec.  I find it adds another dimension of citrus and tropical flavorings to the drink.  Triple Sec I consider my secret weapon when it comes to cocktails.  So versatile, and at 35% alcohol it adds a bit of a kick of its own. 

Secondly I prefer to use authentic Cuban rum.  Havana Club 7 year is preferred, but white rum works too.  I personally like the nice iced tea colour the drink comes out when using aged rum as opposed to white rum.  Also, aged rum is more flavorful.

The Jordan Mojito

In a tall glass muddle several mint leaves, and squeeze the juice of a quarter lime into the bottom.

Fill glass with ice on top of the mint and lime quarter.

2 oz Aged Rum

2/3 oz Triple Sec

Fill with club soda and stir.

Garnish with slice of lime and mint leaves.


The last recipe I’ll share with you is one that I invented myself.  This one is another result of infusing liquors.  For this I infused my own raspberry gin.  The process is very simple, fill a mason jar 1/3 full of ripe raspberries and pour in a 26 of gin.  Let sit, a week is good, two weeks is better.  My uncle starts the infusion in the summer and doesn’t drink it until Christmas time, but I find after two weeks it’s as good as any time after that.

As for the name of the drink, don’t ask.  You don’t want to know, trust me.


The Frosty Williams

In a rocks glass muddle three ripe raspberries and a basil leaf. 

Crack in two grinds of black pepper (optional).  Fill glass with Ice.

2 oz Raspberry Infused Gin

2/3 oz Triple Sec

Fill with club soda and garnish with a basil leaf and a raspberry.

That’s it for now, depending on how generous I’m feeling I may share a few more in a later blog, but I guess you’ll just have to check back and see.

Stay classy,



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